You can be sure that when you have supplied guaranteed mobile phones to the public of the United Kingdom for the past four years, we know every question that you might have about securing a phone in this manner. For that reason, we have written up this list of frequently asked questions.

We think that it covers pretty much everything, but don’t be afraid to mail us if something you need to know is not covered here.

Let’s begin.

What is a guaranteed or bad credit mobile phone contract?

To put it basically, a guaranteed or bad credit mobile phone contract is for individuals who have suffered financial difficulty and therefore, have a very bad credit rating. They would not be able to secure another phone contract with one of the big phone companies as they would be rejected because of this. A bad credit mobile phone contract does not take their credit record into account and is only concerned with the fact that they can make their monthly repayments. If they can, they are eligible for a mobile phone contract.

Are they only for people who have a bad credit rating?

No, most certainly not, these contracts can be taken out by the general public. In fact, they are ideal for individuals who want to build a credit history, for example, people who have just started their working careers. Because they have no credit history, lending institutions are loath to give them any form of loan or credit facility. By taking out a guaranteed mobile phone contract and paying it off over its repayment terms, such an individual can build a credit history and show their credit worthiness.

My credit record is so bad and I have defaulted numerous times, surely I should not apply?

It DOESN’T’ matter! At CSHT Phones, we don’t care how many times you might have defaulted. We give everyone the chance to apply for a guaranteed mobile phone contract. Just bring all the correct papers along and we assess your application, based only on your ability to repay the monthly instalments. This in turn, is based on your salary and spending patterns.

What documents do you need from me?

To process your application, we will need a number of documents from you. This includes bank statements, pay slips, proof of address as well as your personal identity documents. Remember, to apply, you will need to be 18 years or older and a resident of the United Kingdom.

I want the latest iPhone. Can I get it?

Ok, let’s be honest here. The latest Apple iPhone costs a lot of money. Do we have them available? Yes, of course we do! Do we advise that you apply for one? If you already have a bad credit score, why would you apply for a phone that is going to cost you a fair amount every month, raising the chance of you defaulting on your contract? So no, we don’t advise that you apply for one. That said, there are so many excellent budget smartphones available that can do exactly what an iPhone can – surf the internet, check your email, download apps, access various forms of social media and use messenger apps. These are available at a fraction of the cost. If you are able to pay the monthly costs for one of the latest phones available on the market, we will ask that you provide us with a deposit up front. This deposit will be paid back to you at the conclusion of your contract.

I really want a no fuss, cheap contract. What are my options?

In this case, we highly recommend you apply for a contract for one of our refurbished phones. Although many of these are around two years old, we have thoroughly checked them out and they are all in perfect working condition. These will bring down the cost of your contract significantly.

It sounds like my application can never be declined. Can it?

Although we try to help everyone, yes, your application can be declined. Normally this is for the following two reasons: (i) you have provided false information or (ii) financially, you are not able to afford the monthly fees.